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Use any linux distribution inside your terminal

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distrobox-host-exec lets one execute command on the host, while inside of a container.

If “flatpak-spawn” is installed in the container, this is what is used, and it is the most powerful and recommended method. If, instead, “flatpak-spawn” can’t be found, it still try to get the job done with “chroot” (but beware that not all commands/programs will work well in this mode).


Just pass to “distrobox-host-exec” any command and all its arguments, if any.

distrobox-host-exec [command [arguments]]

--help/-h:		show this message
--verbose/-v:		show more verbosity
--version/-V:		show version

If no command is provided, it will execute “/bin/sh”.


distrobox-host-exec ls
distrobox-host-exec bash -l
distrobox-host-exec flatpak run org.mozilla.firefox
distrobox-host-exec podman ps -a